Treatment of Capsular Contracture with "Dual Plane" Technique for Breast Augmentation

There has been very few clinical studies published regarding the treatment of patients with capsular contracture after a previous history of submuscular or subglandular breast augmentation.  Dr. Scott Spear conducted a 7 year retrospective study treating established capsular contracture after augmentation mammaplasty by relocating the breast implants to the "dual-plane" or partly subpectoral position.

In this study, the patients whose revision breast augmentation for capsular contracture were converted to the dual plane, 98 percent were free of capsular contracture and were Baker class I at follow-up, whereas 2 percent were judged as Baker class II.  There were no Baker level III or IV contractures at follow-up in their study. The dual-plane method of breast augmentation has proved to be a very effective technique for correcting established capsular contracture after previous breast augmentation.


Spear et al.  The correction of capsular contracture by conversion to "dual-plane" positioning: technique and outcomes.  Plast Reconstr Surg. 2003 Aug;112(2):456-66.

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